When we get married we hire a wedding planner.

When we move house we hire an estate agent.

When we want to get fit we hire a personal trainer.

But when we work on our craft businesses we seem to go it alone.

And yet building a business is one of the hardest thing you'll ever do.

Example: here are some of the hats you'll need to wear

online marketing expert

SEO guru

website building ninja

sales badass

accounts and book keeping master

graphic designer sensei

Yet we don't ask for help! 

Today I want to give you the opportunity to have a mentor.

Someone who has walked the path before you and is holding back the nettles and telling you to watch out for puddles.

Someone who is still in the trenches with you, running their own creative business around family, life and Netflix.

Stop going it solo. Stop believing that it has to be this hard. Stop being afraid to ask for help. Stop being your own worst enemy. Stop feeling frustrated, tired and confused about the direction of your business.

Today get that personalised guidance, support, confidence boost and strategy you need starting at just £20 today.

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