Understanding Facebook analytics

Understanding Facebook analytics

Aaah.....today we get to talk about one of my favourite A words.....analytics.

When systems and social media and numbers meet....my heart does a flutter.

I'm going to break down for you exactly the stats you need to be paying attention to when it comes to your Facebook analytics. This will be broken down into parts as it's a helluva lot of information to digest and best to be eaten in bitesize chunks! Expect part two in a few days.

NB - all of these steps below apply when viewing on desktop (mobile has some of them but not the full range)

Create a branded craft show table to become irresistible at your next show

This is a guest post from the amazingly generous and wise Erin at Madeurban.com who has over a decade's experience within the craft sphere. Over to you Erin......Jackie

Branding can get a little confusing. There are lots of definitions and explanations out there but one thing we can clear up right now is; it is NOT your logo. 

Creating a branded craft show display does not mean hanging a banner sign at the front of your table or adding your logo to your products.

So what does “branding” mean?

Post & run - the Facebook tactic that never works

Post & run - the Facebook tactic that never works

When I was in Las Vegas for my honeymoon back in 2012 I witnessed something which I'm reminded of daily on Facebook.

How fruitless it is to just promote without connection.

Also how rude and obnoxious it is.

So for those who haven't been to Vegas, picture this.

You're walking down the strip after lunch, casually strolling and enjoying the arid dry heat and the people watching and then a random person thrusts their business card or leaflet right into your hand, making zero eye contact.

No "hello", no "excuse me" no "you might like this", not even a smile.... nothing.

Just take this and do something with it.

Connect your Etsy site to your Facebook page in under 5 mins

Connect your Etsy site to your Facebook page in under 5 mins

It's super super simple to connect your Etsy page to your Facebook business page. You can add it to the side bar of your page and it will copy your branding and products so people could purchase directly from Facebook via Etsy.

Why duplicate the work? Facebook stores are great but if you've already spent time and energy making an Etsy page - just use that my friend! I'm all for shortcuts - that's my second favourite "s" word.....;-)

What's the first? Oh you filthy minded person.....Savignon Blanc is my first obviously! 

How to make a Facebook post with a "send message" button

How to make a Facebook post with a "send message" button

I LOVE this feature...and I happened upon this by chance, as I think it's been around for a while but not used that much, and had to share it with you all.

You can now create Facebook posts with "send message", "call now" and "sign up" buttons at the bottom for FREE on Facebook.

This used to be available only in paid for ads so this is BIG news my crafty one.

They look like this one below....neat, huh?

Inspiring stories from kitchen table to Oscars goodie bag

Inspiring stories from kitchen table to Oscars goodie bag

Today I’d like to tell you about Kim.

Kim was a normal 30 something mum who had a creative side, who was busy with life throwing her odd socks and a bad hangover after just 2 glasses of wine.

She started to make microwavable pillows as gifts for her kids’ teachers in 2001, assembling them at her kitchen table, using a corn kernel filling. Around the same time, her husband lost his job, prompting her to consider turning her pastime into a source of income.

FREE online tools I couldn't live without

FREE online tools I couldn't live without

I like things that make me look better than I actually am. Or that hide the bad and only show the good. 

Like spanx and a push up bra.

And red lippy to divert attention from my grey roots.

And instagram filters.

But there are a few things I love even MORE and they are apps which make managing my online business easy.

Here I've listed my favourite FREE online resources which I simply cannot live without - and confession - you're now realising I'm not a natural graphic designer or photographer.

Struggling for sales? Ask yourself this

Struggling for sales? Ask yourself this

If you ever met my Mother you would know where I get my sass from.

She is a true maternal mother, you know the big busomed old fashioned type who wears an apron to cook and who's sole ambition in life was to be a great Mum.  

She takes no prisoners but is soft and empathetic, she can cook a mean roast dinner, iron a shirt in 14 seconds flat and she gave me one of the best gifts she could ever give me.

The confidence to stand out. 

To be unique and embrace it.

To not be afraid to look different, sound different, be different.

Let me tell you a quick story.

[video] Watch me review two crafter's Facebook pages

[video] Watch me review two crafter's Facebook pages

This week, in my Facebook group, I asked if there were any crafters or artists who would like a helpful and honest review of their Facebook biz page.

This post proved very popular and I quickly ran out of time to review everyone's pages. 

So, me being the overachiever I am, I thought "how can I provide more help? Is there a way for me to show my thought process when reviewing a FB biz page which could help more?"

Hence this video was born!

The dirty little secret of "overnight successes"

The dirty little secret of "overnight successes"

Overnight successes.....do they really exist?

I used to think so. In my early online business days I totally bought into these "six figure" coaches and gurus. Spouting their pearls of wisdom about running an online business from the beach with professional lighting and make up making their skin look iridescent (or is that just the natural glow of being so filthy rich?)

I looked up to them. Used to say to myself that they weren't smarter than me, they'd just gotten on this gravy train earlier than me. I wanted what they had. Or what they appeared to have. It seemed so easy. So glamorous. So far away from the corporate grey and blue desk I was sat at (yes, that colour combination is as horrid as it sounds).

One simple step to guarantee repeat customers (from a 6 figure biz owner)

One simple step to guarantee repeat customers (from a 6 figure biz owner)

Steve Chou was a microprosser designer and now, together with his wife who also quit her job they make 6 figures selling handkerchiefs online......I know......like how does that happen....?!??

Steve talks on the latest podcast from Social Media Examiner about how to market your products online and I simply had to share this with you all as it is so JAM PACKED full of ideas and inspiration.

Steve is hot on systems and using automation, so some of what he talks about may be slightly advanced, but I urge everyone to read or listen to this article as you can implement his winning strategies in your own way.

When do you need a website for your handmade business?

When do you need a website for your handmade business?

I think we're all in agreement that having your own website is a good idea. But I think the more important question is knowing when it's important to have one, and when it's a distraction.

Let's remind ourselves of some key reasons why it's a great idea to have your own website.

  • You own it, there is zero risk of fees increasing or algorithms changing which affect your business negatively
  • Increased branding opportunities, you're not restricted by the proprietary platform's rules