Wanna know how I use Facebook to consistently funnel yummy dream customers to my sales page AND how I never worry about new sales?

If you’re anything like me, you’re a busy mum who just needs to know what works on Facebook without having to become a marketing expert overnight.

  • Do you create a post on Facebook, after umming and aahing what to say for hours, praying that this is the post that will result in a sale?

  • Would you like to be able to attract perfect customers to your Etsy page who are dribbling at your products whilst scrabbling at the credit card to buy?

  • Do you feel like as confused as a chameleon in a bag of Skittles about online marketing?


Imagine this day with me…

You wake up one bright sunny Spring morning with a huge grin on your face. Even now, weeks after you've quit the day job, you still can't help but smile when you remember you don't have to put on your stuffy office clothes anymore.


You pad downstairs, sort the kids out for school and nursery and get into the car for the drop offs.

During the drive home you begin planning your day ahead, Mentally running through your to do list, itching to get back to your sewing machine to finish that bespoke order you started yesterday and those 3 new orders that pinged through as you were clearing up the breakfast bowls.

Your day goes quickly and as you sew, snip and create. Your mind begins to ponder over Facebook content ideas for next week and planning for your Mother's Day promotions.

You chuckle to yourself when you remember the look on your brother-in-law's face when you told him you didn't need to "get a proper job" anymore as your craft business is providing you and your family with enough income.

Your confidence is sky high, friends have asked what's your secret as you're positively glowing.

Yes, your business is hard work, you definitely put in the hours both making and marketing, but it's on your terms, your timescales and around your priorities and you know exactly what you need to do each day to get seen, get fans and get sales on Facebook.

It all seems so effortless now. So second nature. So stress free.

new introducing.png

The online course that will give you EVERY strategy I used to thrive in the crowded small business space on Facebook. 

It gives you everything you need to go from drab to fab with your Facebook page, including

  • How to finally discover WHO will love your business more than their first born and become a loyal repeat customer that can’t help but stop people in the street and tell them about your products

  • How to FIND those dream customers on Facebook and hang out in the groups that really matter for your business (hint - they are NOT other craft groups)

  • How to leverage Facebook’s amazing secret black book of audiences to run £5 a day ads that get you results, fast and on your budget in a no BS easy to follow format.

Facebook Fundamentals works even if

  • You only have a few mins a day for your biz around your job, family, pets and Netflix addiction
  • You feel like an online dinosaur who thought Snapchat was a new card game
  • Your Facebook biz page has hit rock bottom and you're talking to the social media black hole and you’re close to packing it all in
  • Your confidence is as low as a Kim Kardashian neckline and you are as frustrated as a one arm man hanging off a cliff with an itchy face.

It worked for these crafters & artists

Plus these from the private Facebook group...

One payment £99   |   3 monthly payments of £33

(plus VAT if EU based)

Instant access & learn at your own pace in your own time that suits your busy life, as I know how it goes my friend!

My name is Jackie. I'm a mum, a muralist, Facebook coach and I’m just like you.

After my son was born in 2012 I was adamant I didn't want to return to corporate work. 

After a chance encounter painting my son’s bedroom wall with Lego superheros, my mural business was born.

But, I had no idea how to market myself online. I had never done this before! How did I find people who wanted my service? How did I get in front of them and what did I say to get their attention? The online world seems so crowded, how do I make social media work for me?


So, instead of giving up, I kept on learning, kept on growing.

After returning to the corporate life in late 2013 I used my lunch hours to read and absorb, my evenings on the laptop. I had a voracious appetite for understanding how to use tools like Facebook, online marketing and copy writing to my advantage.

Other people were doing it so why couldn’t I? I was just as talented as them! They just know something I don't!

My mural business launched early 2016 with zero fans or likes (not even my mum) and since then I’ve gone from...

  • A weekend side hustle, around a 30 hour week day job, lots of spinning plates and long nights, to a;

  • Full time business with more monthly income than I ever had in corporate work, the ability to drop my son off and pick him up from school every day, weekends free to enjoy my family and waking up every morning excited for the day ahead.


All because I discovered the secrets for how to leverage Facebook to blast my business into the stratosphere by getting in front of those dreamy customers I KNEW would fall in love with me and buy.


WARNING - do not buy Facebook Fundamentals if

  • You are looking for an overnight cure (hint - there isn’t one)

STOP EVERYTHING and purchase Facebook Fundamentals if

  • You are willing to be open minded, objective and finally treat your creative endeavours like a business, not a hobby

  • You are excited to finally crack the Facebook nut and start getting on the gravy chain of weekly new likes, new enquiries and more “kerching” sounds

  • You are ready to commit, do the work and want a helping hand and support in a super fun and fabulous Facebook group and me (because we understand what you’re going through and when your husband won’t give a monkeys)

For just £9 a week for the next 12 weeks you can have instant access to...

Module One - Know your marketplace

Understand with complete clarity your marketplace, your competitors, your landscape and how others are succeeding. You'll finish this module feeling certain how to make your products desirable online so they will sell.

Module Two - USP & Ideal Customer

Work out exactly how you, with all your lovely uniqueness, is going to stand out from the other crafters in your marketplace (that's your Unique Selling Proposition) & who will be your biggest fans & ideal customers.

Module Three - Facebook groups

Learn the skills to find those ideal customers in Facebook groups, know exactly which interests of theirs will result in groups they’ve joined, and then how to connect with them in a genuine, non icky salesy fashion (even in the no promo groups). See your fan-base grow with ease & your business soar as a result.

Module Four - Facebook ads

See exactly how with Facebook's super smart targeting you can get your business in front of your ideal customers for just £5 a day guaranteeing more page likes, more visits to your sales page and more “kerchings”!

Private Facebook group where I can walk you through any challenges and blast through any brick walls.

7 bonuses including Branding 101, anatomy of a flawless Facebook page, how to become a timelapse pro & more

Monthly group calls with me, to give you personalised support and encouragement.


Ready to stop wasting time on Facebook, posting and praying, spamming craft groups and getting sporadic sales from other crafters and instead use a proven strategy to build a loyal fan base of yummy customers with who are in your perfect target market?

(because with 1.8bn users on Facebook, they are there my friend!)

This is you punching the shizzle out of your competition

This is you punching the shizzle out of your competition


"If you miss out on Facebook Fundamentals you are a in my bad books and don’t ever come to one of my roadshows" - Kirstie Allsop.

Ok...Kirstie didn’t say that, but if she did know about Facebook Fundamentals that is exactly what she would say.



  • Because getting smart with your business and learning online marketing tactics that work will ONLY skyrocket your success
  • Because having a supportive network of fellow business minded crafters and me will PUSH you to do your best work
  • Because marketing to the few who will love your makes and not the disinterested masses online is a guaranteed WIN
  • Because if you miss this opportunity you will have serious regrets and Kirstie won’t offer her shoulder to cry on....