Master effortlessly selling your products on Facebook, without feeling like you need to bribe the elusive algorithm or sell your first born for Facebook ads. 


Instead learn the proven methods for building a brand, presence and fan-base on Facebook which attracts yummy ideal customers like a crochet knitted magnet.

Facebook Fundamentals can help you

EVEN IF you only have a few mins a day for your biz around your job, family, pets and Netflix addiction

EVEN IF you feel like an online dinosaur who thought Snapchat was a new card game

EVEN IF your Facebook biz page has hit rock bottom and you're talking to the social media black hole

EVEN IF you are as confused about online marketing as a chameleon in a bag of Skittles


Doors are shut until June but if you're a fan of free stuff and special offers (er....who isn't!), you'll want to fill out the below.

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Building a business online is scary, confusing & hard work

I know what you're thinking, you wish you could spend most of your time making, and less of it marketing and promoting?

Because you're good at the making, right?

But feel icky and unsure about the marketing & promoting bit.

You are comfortable selling to other crafters in Facebook groups, and face to face at craft fairs.....but to strangers online? Heck no!

What if I could show you a way to use the biggest social media platform to consistently get in front of potential customers.

What if I could give you a toolkit of skills that you can use time and time again to repeatedly find new fans that are in pockets of Facebook and draw them to your page.

What if I held your hand you through these confusing online marketing waters,showing you how to grow your business & replace your day job income in a matter of months rather than years.

There are over 1.8bn users on Facebook.

Your dream customers are there, the ones who will like and share all your posts, the ones who will collect every item in your product line, the ones who will beg you to just squeeze them into your schedule.

Are you getting in their face or are you left forgotten in some dark and dusty corner of the Facebook rejects club, never able to reach them (kinda like that nerd at the school dance)?

Hi, my name is Jackie.

I'm a mum, a muralist and a Facebook strategist.

And after my son was born in 2012 I was adamant I didn't want to return to corporate work.

It wasn't just my son who was born that day, my online ambitions were too.

I had a talent, I could paint, and I wanted to put it to good use to build a business as a kid's mural artist.

In the early days, I had zero followers (nope, not even my Mum), my photos were mediocre, my copy bumbling and my strategy patchy.

I found myself posting and hoping.

Hoping that it would result in a new like or a comment or an inquiry.

Checking Facebook every few minutes, obsessing over my number of likes, fearful of sharing on my personal page.

I soon realised that I was wasting time.

Hope is not a strong strategy.

Not one that I was willing to waste any more time on.

I started to invest 100s of hours into my own development. I began researching into competition, connecting and studying online entrepreneurs 100 steps ahead of me, invested in courses, to learn learn and learn some more.

For days and nights, over lunchours, weekends and after my toddler's bedtime, I was testing and tweaking and applying and researching and learning.

And then I started seeing change happening, bit by bit, post by post, like by like, comment by comment.


And the magic started to happen

I began to get noticed on Facebook by people who weren't simply friends of friends.

I started to be seen & to have people share and comment on my work unprompted.

Little by little my page likes grew and my my calendar started filling out. 

People were tagging in friends, my reach was growing, my likers were engaging with every new post.

I began to hear the “ping” of a new Facebook message inquiry on a daily basis.

My confidence grew and I kept doing what was working and tweaked what wasn’t.

I stopped being sloppy, under confident and half-hearted and I gave it my all.

I started treating it like the business I desired to own

Fast forward 6 months of being consistent with my marketing, I had a 12 week waiting list, hundreds of likes from genuine fans, and for the first time I started to think that this side hustle could transition into a full time gig.

I did all of this whilst working in a corporate job and being a mum to my young son.


In April 2017 I achieved my goal and have become a full time muralist (and mum)...just 15 months after I started

I would love to share with you the strategy which took me from zero sales, to a 12 week waiting list in just a matter of weeks.

Imagine this

You wake up one bright sunny Spring morning with a huge grin on your face. Even now, weeks after you've quit the day job, you still can't help but smile when you remember you don't have to put on your stuffy office clothes anymore.

You pad downstairs, sort the kids out for school and nursery and get into the car for the drop offs.

During the drive home you begin planning your day ahead, Mentally running through your to do list, itching to get back to your sewing machine to finish that bespoke order you started yesterday and those 3 new orders that pinged through as you were clearing up the breakfast bowls.

Your day goes quickly and as you sew, snip and create. Your mind begins to ponder over Facebook content ideas for next week and planning for your Morther's Day promotions.

It all seems so effortless now. So second nature. So stress free.

You chuckle to yourself when you remember the look on your brother-in-law's face when you told him you didn't need to "get a proper job" anymore as your craft business is providing you and your family with enough income.

More than enough, as this year you've planned to finally take your family to Disneyworld. 

A holiday you could never have afforded before with your part time admin job. 

Your confidence is sky high, friends have asked what's your secret as you're positively glowing. 

Yes, your business is hard work, you definitely put in the hours both making and marketing, but it's on your terms, your timescales and around your priorities.


What's included in Facebook Fundamentals?

This course is a self paced 3 module course (that means you can study in your own time around your commitments)

Module One

Understand with complete clarity your marketplace, your competitors, your landscape and how others are succeeding. You'll finish this module feeling certain how to make your products desirable online so they will sell.

Module Two

Work out exactly how you, with all your lovely uniqueness, is going to stand out from the other crafters in your marketplace (that's your Unique Selling Proposition) & who will be your biggest fans & ideal customers.

Module Three

Learn the skills to find those ideal customers in Facebook groups, know exactly which interests of theirs will result in groups they’ve joined, and then how to connect with them in a genuine, non icky salesy fashion (even in the no promo groups). See your fan-base grow with ease & your business soar as a result.


Private Facebook group where I can walk you through any challenges and blast through any brick walls.

Downloadable PDF worksheets for each module

- 7 bonuses including Branding 101, anatomy of a flawless Facebook page, how to become a timelapse pro & more

- Monthly group calls with me, to give you personalised support and encouragement.

Jackie provides you with the tools to create a valuable business...I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is shying away from Facebook, or has stopped believing that it could beneficial for their business
— Anita - owner of Seitenweise
After completing this course I feel 100% more confident...I think before this course I would have told anyone that I understood my i know I had missed out on a massive chunk & a heap of knowledge.

If you are contemplating buying this course, the one thing I would say to you is go for it, the money is worth it
— Emma - owner of Cara-Lou Papercuts
I now have a greater understanding of my business...without Facebook Fundamentals, I would still have absolutely no idea, and just keep trying to wing it, hoping for a has made me realise I was approaching Facebook wrong...and now I have a plan for success and am SO excited for the future of my business
— Megan - owner All Things Personalised

Side effects of enrolling in Facebook Fundamentals include

- Feeling so confident, friends are starting to ask if you've had botox

- Feeling inspired, supported and excited for your business's future

- More money for less effort, time and energy meaning more to for you & your family

My promise to you


From this course you will amplify your fanbase, own that newsfeed, blow up your engagement and effortlessly rock this creative business thang

I will never leave you hanging. You will get full access to me for the fraction of a 121 business mentor. I will be there every step of the way, helping you battle the overwhelm. giving you personalised advice and making sure that you are hitting your goals with monthly group callsemail access and office hours over messenger.

I believe in you - let's make today the day everything changed for your business.

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