Find your ideal customer in 45 mins

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Find your ideal customer in 45 mins


Imagine if in 45 minutes time you had complete clarity on who your dream customer is, why they adore your products over everyone else's, how to write explosive Facebook posts that weave into their mind persuading them to buy AND your Facebook efforts from today onwards became FUN and FRUITFUL.

Knowing your ideal customer is the cornerstone of success online as....

"When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one" - Meredith Hill (marketing badass)

    Once you know who you're speaking to online, you will instantly see your engagement soar. You will stop posting and praying, making mediocre posts that people just scroll on by and ignore.

    Instead you will hone in on your ideal customer like a laser focussed crafting cyborg and only speak to those who will love you and buy from you.

    I pride myself on being an ideal customer ninja. I know exactly how to create a profile in minutes for any business. I have helped numerous makers who are confused with the whole "ideal customer" profile get results quick.

    "Thank you Jackie! AGAIN!!! 😊Finished my latest painting late last night, styled for my ideal customer, pitched it at a network meeting this morning using my branding and new selling tools ....and sold it!!!! ... Twice!!! Lol... there was a second person who wanted the original but has commissioned me another one instead... plus 2 others want prints!!!
    Thank you for teaching me Jackie Magic... I'm over £1000 better off because of it today! Lol now I just need to get faster at finishing!!  Hugs and a happy dance. 🎉🎉🎉Finally I am getting this marketing/ sales lark!!!" - Sara

    During our 45 minute call we will discover

    • Your ideal customer profile including all the important demographics to find her online
    • Why he/she loves your products and what triggers to use for a sale
    • What best sellers to put in front of them for quick sales

    Next steps

    Purchase the package and I will be in touch with you to arrange a time which suits both of us.

    I will also send you a quick pre-call worksheet so we can really hit the ground running and get maximum results from our time together. 

    I look forward to helping you!

    - Jackie