Personalised Facebook page review

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Copy of coaching thumbnail - FB page review.png

Personalised Facebook page review


STOP losing money at the proverbial Facebook front door. Research shows you have 6 seconds to make the right impact - 6 seconds!!

Are you sure your Facebook page is on the money?

Your Facebook biz page is your shop front and it needs to showcase your business in all its glory, whilst also ensuring visitors hit the like button rather than the back button.


I have reviewed countless Facebook biz pages (here is an example) instantly showing crafters, just like you, how to make highly effective changes to their pages.

By purchasing this personalised Facebook biz page review I will send you

  • A personalised video highlighting the exact steps to improve your page to the new viewer
  • A review of your aesthetics such as your photos, cover image an thumbnail and ideas for improvements
  • Suggestions for copy such as your about section and taglines
  • A review of recent posts and suggestions for your next highly engaged post

All of this will be sent to you within 48 hours of purchasing direct into your inbox.

The outcome?

  • A Facebook page that goes from drab to FAB
  • Back button proof biz page that keeps people ON your page and hitting that like button
  • Clarity and confidence with your Facebook marketing efforts
  • Comfort that your biz page is working for you even when you're not online