3 months coaching

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3 months coaching


Is this you?

You feel confused and frustrated with your efforts on Facebook.

You're not getting the sales you dream of.

You have goals for your craft biz but are unsure how to reach them.

You've tried different Facebook posts, improving your photography, sort of know your ideal customer but you're still feeling fed up with your lack of progress.

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Is it time to stop chasing your tail and instead make sure those precious few hours you have a week get results?

Is it time to have someone show you the right way to get where you want to be? Someone who has built a successful creative business on Facebook (and still runs one) who has her finger on the pulse of what's working on Facebook right now and is also a busy mum who just need things to work...quickly!

Then this is the right package for you.

Starting today, we can begin working together to make your dreams a reality. To stop playing small and get smart instead. I will show you exactly what you need to do and in what order to get the results you desire with advice specific to your business. 

With 3 45 mins coaching calls we will blast through all those brick walls, self doubts and fears and I can promise you that in 90 days time your business will look astronomically different....so will your PayPal account! 

This is exactly the service I offer my Facebook Fundamental students and here is some of their feedback from my coaching.

"The one comment that made everything fall in to place was about basing your ideal customer on yourself (because you obviously love your own creations most of the time) and tweak it a little." - Hayley
"Thank you Jackie! AGAIN!!! 😊Finished my latest painting late last night, styled for my ideal customer, pitched it at a network meeting this morning using my branding and new selling tools ....and sold it!!!! ... Twice!!! Lol... there was a second person who wanted the original but has commissioned me another one instead... plus 2 others want prints!!!
Thank you for teaching me Jackie Magic... I'm over £1000 better off because of it today! Lol now I just need to get faster at finishing!!  Hugs and a happy dance. 🎉🎉🎉Finally I am getting this marketing/ sales lark!!!" - Sara
"Hi Jackie - I just wanted to let you know that this course is already really helping me look at FB in a completely different light.The thing that has stuck out most for me (apart from a need to find my ideal customer) is that I don't need to be 'sell sell sell' on my page all the time. I had to set up a new page when I changed my shop name and only currently have about 150 likes, but I am actually getting a really high amount of traffic to Etsy from FB now - 20% of my visits - so already changing the sort of thing I am posting is having a positive effect.So a big thank you to you! " - Lucy

Next steps

Click purchase above and I will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange the best time for our first call.

The two following calls will be one and two months after the first call. 

I will also send you a simple worksheet to get me up to speed on your business so we can make sure we hit the ground running when we speak.

I can't wait to help you! 

- Jackie