121 personalised coaching - book now


121 personalised coaching - book now


Feeling overwhelmed and confused about pretty much everything?

Should you be prioritising your ideal customer or your photography or your product line or starting an Instagram page?

Feel so alone in your business and just wish you could brainstorm with someone how best to take the next step?

I've been where you're at, my friend.


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That's why I offer a 45 minute 121 call where I help clear the fog for you and give you an actionable plan and strategy.

In a typical 121 with fellow crafters & artists call I've discussed

  • Ideal customers and where to find them on Facebook
  • Branding and re-branding, and whether it's necessary
  • A posting strategy that gets results quick from Facebook
  • Overview of your Facebook biz page and quick fixes that make all the difference
  • How to run the online marketing side of your business in 2 hours a week

After ordering your 121, you'll pick a time that works for you and for me, I'll send you a quick 5 minute questionnaire and then we'll hop on an online call.

I am a results driven, zero fluff coach, experienced at growing handmade businesses online and if you're ready, let me help you eliminate your overwhelm and start making positive changes today.

- Jackie