How to get more engagement on your Facebook page for free using comment dominoes.

We all want more engagement with our Facebook posts.

Can I get an Amen up in here!

With the algorithm, competitors, trends, paid for ads and stupid cat memes, getting noticed in that newsfeed is getting harder and harder.

But the algorithm does want to help you show your posts. Honestly, it does!

But it needs to be shown that your posts are relevant and valuable to your audience to then show them in the newsfeed to their friends and then their friends and so on.

So how can we improve our engagement?

What can we do as business owners that's quick and easy to implement, is going to push us into that newsfeed, show our posts to more people and is also kinda fun?

My comment domino engagement tip, that's what!

Not heard of it?  Well, I just kinda made that name up today, so don't worry my crafty friend!

Watch this video below to learn more about how a simple commenting strategy can trick the algorithm into thinking your posts are more popular than they perhaps actually are...sssssh!

Love and creative smooches Jackie

p.s You want to watch the Christmas social media video I mention in the beginning of the vid? Click here to watch for FREE - ho ho ho!