Are you actually getting great engagement, you just don't know it?

Did you know that there was a way to check the level of your engagement in your Facebook insights? 

Do you know your page like number is just a vanity measure, as the true Facebook success stories always focus on engagement first?

Do you know what is a good engagement rate is for a handmade business? 

It might surprise you, and you may actually be getting really good engagement but not even know it!?

Here's how you can find out.

Before we begin I want to talk about what engagement is and why we should care.

Engagement is your long term relationship with your Facebook audience. It's how you build your know, like and trust with them, which is the psychological journey we all go through as consumers. By encouraging your audience to interact with you, they intuitively feel like they "know" you more and therefore begin to "like" you more and then "trust" you more. 

Using engagement is one method to build your "know, like and trust" factor and it's how you move your audience from a bystander to customer over time. 

But not everyone engages with my posts? Does that mean they'll never be customers?

Friend, that's totally normal and okay. 

I know a lot of my "true fans" see my posts and read them but never like, comment or share.  Your engagement rate is a great statistic to have an indicator for the type of posts that work for your page and what doesn't, but always bear in mind those "silent fans" who are still seeing what you're doing. 

Don't drive yourself crazy with this statistic.

engagement rate

There are so many factors to consider when analysing the "success" of a post. And there is no "one size fits all" method as it depends on your business, your brand, your online voice and, most importantly, your audience. 

For example, changing how the call to action statement is phrased could get more (or less) engagement. Also writing the copy of the post in a slightly different way could also change the engagement. Then throw in posting at a different time or with a different photo could also get you better results. 

Confused much!?

As business owners on social media it's our job to be consistently checking what worked and what didn't work and tweak tweak tweak (was so hard for me not to type twerk just then) so we are improving step by step. 

I have to do it for both of my businesses and even when I feel I "know" what works, I'll still be checking in an analysing to make sure my engagement isn't dipping. 

My advice, look at your engagement rate as a weekly, fortnightly or monthly average and look at the top performing posts and then analyse why that could have been. Then test your theory by replicating the following week and analyse again. If it's a hit again, you know you're onto something. 3 strikes and you're out rule for this one my friends, don't keep flogging a dead horse or trying to elicit the engagement again when the audience is over it.

IMPORTANT. This is SO true for the fun "what's your elf name, take the first letter of your first name and the third letter of your surname to find out" type posts. They are fun, and can give you great engagement and get you infront of friends of your page fans.....but if you're doing them on a weekly basis your audience will tire very very quickly and it will demean your brand and your business. So use them sparingly. And also do yourself a favour and brand the photo so you're getting maximum exposure when you do get 193 comments of people's elf names! You really want to strive for good engagement from your own curated content (posts you've made yourself which relate to your brand and business). Don't rely on these posts as a crutch for engagement. 

What is an engagement rate?

An engagement percentage is a statistic that Facebook automatically generates for you for each of your posts. It is based upon

Engagement rate = Likes + comments + shares / total fans

Here's an example. You have 600 Facebook likes and your post 60 people engaged with it (liked, commented, shared), therefore your engagement rate is 10%. 

Where do I find my engagement rate?

(this is visible on desktop only)

Go to your business page, click on insights, then into posts on the side bar towards the bottom.

Under "All posts published" you'll see a drop down on the right, change this to engagement rate.

facebook engagement rate

You'll then see a percentage in the engagement column and don't be surprised if it's not consistent! That's totally normal!

You can expand to see more posts at the bottom of the section.

What is a good engagement rate?

Jeez Louise.......this is a very very tricky question to answer. And I've ummed and ahhed about how to answer this for you so I'm giving you something tangible to work with. 

It's such a subjective figure and I've read wildly different answers to this. I've read that a good engagement is as low as 1% and as high as 10%.

Why is it so difficult to have a benchmark figure?

It depends so many factors, for example on your type of audience (how engaged are they with anyone's page on Facebook is just one example), your business sector, how often you're posting, how warm those Facebook fans are, your copywriting skills, your visual images, your branding, how well you know your ideal customer....I could go on. 

facebook engagement rate

So let me share with you that my engagement rate for Craft my Success hovers between 7-10%. 

Only on a couple of occasions have I gone over that 10%. And sometimes I've had posts only hit 0.4%. 

For my mural business my engagement is lower, on average 5-8%. And I think this is because that business is different. People see my posts but the call to action or the reason for them to comment is less obvious than Craft my Success.

So already in my world I can see how different the percentages are with my two businesses when I put equal effort into them.

So here's my advice. Benchmark against yourself. 

Here are the key questions you need to be asking about your engagement rate.

  • Over the last 30 posts, what is my average? Make that your starting % benchmark.
  • Analyse what were the highest and lowest engagement % for the last 3 months and see if you can spot any common themes. What type of posts were they?
  • If your highest engagement posts are always "elf name" type posts, then how can you replicate that for YOUR business so that you're not creating a fan page of people who just like to chat about non business related things?
  • What product post gave you the highest engagement over the last 3 months? 

I'd love to know what your average came out at and whether it surprised you. Drop me a post in the Facebook group and tag me in it after reading. 

As always, love and creative smooches!

- Jackie