7 ways to get more Facebook likes beyond friends & family

What does your Facebook like number and your weight have in common?

Don't focus solely on the number.

However, just like the digits on the sad step, as Joe Wicks calls it, we all DO pay attention to our Facebook like number, right?

I know a lot of you reading this are constantly checking in with how many new likes you get each week and may consider it as an identifier of how "successful" you are on Facebook.

And there is a logical reason for this - because the higher your like number, the more people you are reaching. If on average we're reaching 10% of our page likers, 10% of 100 is obviously a lot less than 10,000. 

And when you're just starting out, and you've asked all your friends and family to like your new entrepreneurial endeavour....you feel stuck for how to get more likes.

So where do you find them?!

Here are 7 ways you can grow your like number on Facebook (and in turn get in front of your ideal customer in a BIG way, grow your tribe of highly engaged fans and boost your newsfeed chances)

1. Stop....collaborate....and grow

Brainstorm ideas of other small creative businesses who share the same ideal customer and approach them to work together.

You could share a competition, become affiliates for each other or simply just start by sharing each other's products and promotions from time to time. Reach out to as many as you can and keep at it. 

2. Be consistent

Posting 2 times a week, on random days isn't going to inspire people to follow you. You don't need to post 4 times a day, but you do need to be consistent and commit to it. Also, make sure you are mixing up your post content, stick to my 70/30 rule for growing pages (70% soft sales, posts your ideal customer will find funny or amazing and 30% promo)

3. Invite people to like

This one divides people and causes a ruckus regularly in the Craft my Success Facebook group. So it's totally up to you and where you sit on the moral compass of this one, and if you decide to use it. 

Simply go onto a post (via desktop) and click on the emoji reactions and you'll see a box which shows people who have liked, already been invited and yet to be invited to like your page. Those that you invite will be given a gentle notification to like your page. 

facebook likes

4. Link in personal profile

This one is a simple, obvious...yet rarely implemented tip!

Make sure you have your biz page linked in your personal Facebook page. Especially if you do some connecting / mooching in Facebook groups. Nosey people will check you out, find your page and give it a like without you even asking. Boomtown.

5. Talk about it everywhere

Make sure you are always directing people to like your Facebook page. Have it on your leaflets, on your email signature, on your business card...you can even occasionally mention it on your other social media channels. 

When I was growing my page, I would direct people to like the Craft my Success Facebook page everywhere I went, and I'd give them a good reason to as well (exclusive content, videos, special offers etc)

6. Make sure your "Facebook shop window" passes the test

If you had a brick and mortar store, you'd spend a lot of time and effort making sure your shop window promoted your business in the best way.

No different on Facebook. Your cover image, profile picture and biz name all give your first impression so it HAS to be right.

Here is a video where I talk more about the Facebook shop window and how to get it right.

7. Be insightful

Your Facebook insights should be regularly visited because they are a goldmine of information. Most importantly, it shows you what has been working or not working for your page.

For newbies - you can find them at the top of your page on desktop.

The figures you want to concentrate on is reach, engagement, and engagement rate. Click on "posts" on the left hand side and you'll find all the info there.

Here is a post all about engagement rate - and 9/10 people who have read it have realised their engagement wasn't actually that bad, so check it out (statistic may have been made up)

In summary, what gets you new likes on Facebook is a combination of having a business with an ideal customer in mind / knowing what lights them up / creating content around this ethos that ties in your product or business / getting repeatedly in front of new ideal customers and audiences with gentle soft sales messages / building an online brand that creates buzz and excitement and stands out from the crowd.

If you need help doing any of the above - join me and 100s of other creative people in my monthly membership site Facebook University. Check it out right on here, you won't regret it!

- Jackie

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