Feeling stuck for what to say on Facebook?

You stare blankly at the white box......waiting for inspiration to strike.....you think of something, then dismiss it straight away....you keep staring.....your mind is blank.....nope....nothing coming to you....10 minutes have passed and you're already short on time and you're now starting to feel frustrated and panicked.........come on there must be something you can say......staring....white box......nothing.

Ever feel like that?

Creating consistent content for our social media channels consistently can be one of THE most challenging things as a business owner.

Sometimes the creative well just runs dry.

So here are 3 things you can try next time this happens to jump start your content creativity and if you have any other tips - make sure you share them in the comments below!

1. Look outside of your business for inspiration

Let me ask you a question. Do you follow other people online with the sole purpose of inspiring you?

If not, now is the time to start.

I have several people who I follow, who have an amazing brand, beautifully written copy, picture perfect graphics and, let's be honest, are more successful than me.

It's like I've created my own pool of online mentors that never cease to impress and inspire me. 

And these people sometimes are in my space, as in they talk about digital marketing or social media, but sometimes these people are beauty bloggers or celebrities or YouTubers.

But what they have in common is that they are SO inspiring and full of life and ideas that I can't help but be inspired when I land on their page.

Take Elizabeth Gilbert as an example. She's the super soulful author who wrote "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Big Magic". Now - confession - I've only seen half of that film, and never read any of her books. BUT her social media is a perfect example of long form Facebook posts that tell a story, bring in the reader and build an immense amount of relatability.

Here's an example.

elizabeth gilbert

What do you notice in this post? It's super long - check. It's a window into her world - check. There are also some lessons in there with her insight - check. Picture taken on iphone - check.

How could a post like this inspire you to think about your workspace or the feeling of having to plough through a difficult task to get something done. Look how amazingly human she made herself seem just in this one post. If you wanted to dig even deeper, analyse how she writes her posts and the format she uses - SO much inspiration here!

TASK - Find 3 people or businesses today that you can follow on Facebook or Instagram who excite you and inspire you to create better content (remember they don't have to be in your world)

2. Revisit old content that worked

I'm a HUGE fan of repurposing. And Facebook makes it super super easy for us all to do this, esepcially with content that did well the first time round.

Why recreate the wheel? Odds are not all your audience saw it the first time to why not repurpose it? Or...use it as inspiration to make fresh content.

Here's how you can check what posts have done well in the past.

  • Log into Facebook on desktop
  • Go to your page
  • Click on Insights at the top
  • Click on posts to the left
  • Change the drop down at the top of the list of posts to "engagement rate" and look for high percentages.

Here's an example from my own Facebook page

craft my success repurpose posts

Look at that one second from the bottom - 38% engagement! Woah there! Something definitely in that post that resonated with my audience and worth repurposing for a few weeks time AND thinking about how it can inspire new content.

Reach is also a great stat to be keeping an eye out for - look at the bottom one, a Facebook Live I made about the reasons why people unfollow and the one above about being in a work slump. All of that is organic engagement. 

Repurposing posts is a case of a copy and paste jobby (no quick way to do it within insights) but you can repurpose video at a click of a button and schedule for a future date. 

TASK  - go through your insights today over the last 3 weeks and pinpoint your 3 highest engagement rate and reach posts and start to dissect why.

3. Share something that will make your ideal customer laugh

I was on a 121 call with a Facebook University student this week and we were talking about content creation for her business. She lives in Texas and makes t-shirts and jumpers for sports mums. The mums who are cheering on their kids at the side of the baseball field or basketball court and want to represent their child's team in a big way.

This mum is super proud, and is possibly a bit competitive, and loves kids and sports. 

So, we went into Facebook and typed in at the top of the search bar "kids sports" at the top, filtered to just videos and BOOM this one third from the top was bang on the money!

A video showing a 9 year old football prodigy working his little butt off with training. Totally up the right street for this kind of mum.

facebook video tip

Your page should speak to that ideal customer and be created for them. 

You don't have to use video, it could be an inspiring story (yours or something you've read), a quote, a song, an image. 

It could make someone laugh, cry, feel empowered, inspired, hopeful, excited, appreciated. 

Just always remember to have your ideal customer in mind and NOT you and your business.

If you're an artist, for example, posting an inspiring quote about creative juices or the outlet of painting is speaking to you, not your ideal customer who most probably buys your art BECAUSE they are not creative.

(if you need help finding your ideal customer - I can help you nail it in 30 mins - check this out)

TIP - Think about 3 key emotions you'd like your ideal customer to feel when landing on your page and then search for content to fit that emotion.

Hopefully this has helped you today and I'd love to hear of any other tips you have for when the content creation well is running dry - share them below!

- Jackie xoxo