Great example of a product based Facebook page

When I wake in the morning, my routine is as follows

  • Get up at ungodly hour as my 6 year old wakes at the crack of dawn and needs feeding and watering
  • Put on kettle and find biggest mug for my morning tea (Yorkshire teabags and skimmed milk incase you want to know)
  • Feed and water 6 year old whilst kettle boils and put super soft purple blanket over his skinny little body - turn on Youtube - he's happy
  • Make tea and settle next to my son on the sofa and start mooching Facebook and checking updates that happened overnight

But today was different to normal mornings as I came across this FABULOUS Facebook page for a business that makes Letterboards and I simply HAD to make a video explaining the 3 main things they are doing right.

1. Facebook shopfront on point (but I do suggest something they could do to make it perfecto!)

2. Humour and personality dripping throughout their posts

3. Super fun and watchable videos


Come join me for this 15 min video where I walk you through their page and show you how you can adopt their brilliance onto your page too.

P.S if you want help with making videos or finally nailing that ideal customer profile (and yes there are tonnes of free templates out there on the net but none of them do it the way I do it) then check out my affordable courses here