3 social media marketing apps for 2018

Who doesn't love an app!!??

Honestly, how would we all look SO amazing online without them?!!? Thank you God of the apps for hiding all my real graphic design prowess and lack of time management!

I've previously written about tools I couldn't live without here - but here's some fresh apps to consider for your business for 2018. 

1. Crello - https://crello.com/

Now.....if you know me you know I'm a huge Canva fan. But sometimes something comes along which just has an extra summin summin. 

Crello is similar to Canva, in that you can create social media images easily, using their templates and on your brand, but what it CAN do which Canva can't, is create short animated posts.

Here's one I made to show you!

2. Promo - https://slide.ly/promo

Promo claims to be one of the easiest video makers you can use.

There are millions of templates with licensed music to choose from so if you are someone who is a bit tech scared, you can follow their lead and just tweak to fit your business. 

Or you can upload your own content into it if you're feeling super brave (or on the confidence sauce again)

3. Station - https://getstation.com/

This has an impressive tagline, "One app to rule them all"

If you're someone that feels they have a million tabs open, or get easily distracted by their email pinging or their social media notifications, then this productivity app is for you.

Station groups your pages by application so your desktop is cleaner and your distractions are reduced.

Do you have any apps that you love and couldn't live without?

Comment below as I seriously have an obsession (you should see my iphone home screen!!!)

- Jackie

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