What does your "Facebook shop window" say about your business?

Have you ever been given a recommendation for a restaurant or a business from a friend, go online to check them out and then been bitterly disappointed by the lack of care and attention on their Facebook page?

I know I have.

And if we're really honest with ourselves, do we ever go back there again?


So first impressions really REALLY do matter. And it's no different on Facebook.

There are 3 features you need to get in line specifically for your Facebook "shop window" to be effective. Just like a brick and mortar store, what you put in your Facebook "shop window" will result in enticing them to scroll down and learn more....or bounce away, never to return again.

Facebook shop window features

  • Cover image (including the image AND tagline)
  • Profile picture
  • Business name

Here's a 10 minute Live video explaining how to fix your Facebook "shop window" so the right people NEVER bounce off your page.

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