How Mailchimp & emails can get you more sales (on autopilot)

Have you read part one to this email here? If not quickly read the 5 reasons why an email list can get you MORE sales (for free) here.

Let's talk about Mailchimp...


Don't let this cheeky logo fool you. This FREE tool is the absolute bomb and I'm so excited to share this with you.

What is Mailchimp? 

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform. So it's an online tool me and 7 million other small business owners use to send emails.

How is it different to normal email?

Unlike just using gmail or outlook to email your subscribers, Mailchimp lets you do a whole (banana) bunch of things. It holds all my subscriber information, I know who is reading my emails and what times work best for my audience. I can see who clicked on what link, insert videos and images and I can also set up automated email sequences so when people join my list they are sent regular emails from me without me having to lift a finger.

Is it free? Really?

Yes! For under 2,000 subscribers you can use the system for free and you can send up to 12,000 beautifully professionally eye catching emails a month. Plus you get the automation sequences free too!

Why else do I need it?

You know those beautifully designed sign up pages you see when you join an email list - Mailchimp allows you to create those for your business. It also means you can add a "sign up" button to your Facebook page or website and it's all done in the monkey background so you can set it up and forget about it. Your email list will build on autopilot.

Is it difficult or time consuming to use?

Nope! It's been designed to help us solo entrepreneurs. It's so intuitive my 5 year old could make an email. It's drag and drop, no code needed or a steep technical learning curve. I create emails and hit send or schedule (so they send in the future whilst I'm busy doing other things) in minutes. 

Anything else to add? It sounds amazing!

Well yes actually - it also integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, WooCommerce, Hootsuite, your website host and 100s more which means the two systems talk to each other saving you yet another tech headache.

Here are some examples of how your emails could look with Mailchimp's help, and trust me these are SO easy and quick to create.


Ready to learn how Mailchimp can revolutionise your bottom line at zero cost and on autopilot?!

Introducing "Email marketing basics" online course

Here's what it can do for you in just 48 hours

  • Create your own Mailchimp account and even personalised email address (i.e
  • Understand how to create lists of customers and new fans which you can communicate with today
  • Upload your current email lists in seconds
  • GDPR compliance in normal language
  • Add a "sign up" button to your Facebook page and website
  • Know exactly which hook to use to get people to join your list and my top 4 methods
  • Learn how to create beautifully branded emails so you can prime, seduce and sell to your lovely warm audience

You will also receive

  • 30 days no quibble guarantee on purchase
  • Access to yourself truly on email to get your email party started!
  • Access to the course for life and if Mailchimp updates, so will the course

Remember from the last blog post where we spoke about how powerful email is as a tool to getting more sales to your business? Are you up for it? I'm ready!