Understanding Facebook analytics

Aaah.....today we get to talk about one of my favourite A words.....analytics.

When systems and social media and numbers meet....my heart does a flutter.

I'm going to break down for you exactly the stats you need to be paying attention to when it comes to your Facebook analytics. 

NB - all of these steps below apply when viewing on desktop (mobile has some of them but not the full range)

Key figures you should be paying attention to on your insights tab (there are tonnes more but these are plenty to get you started)

  • Overview (red and green numbers mostly)
  • Likes
  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Videos

Where to find my analytics?

Go into your page, and click on "Insights" at the top. You will have 13 sections, all displayed in a handy tab bar to the left. We'll start with the page it opens on....


Funnily enough, this page of your insights is giving you a snapshot of your analytics. You can change the drop down at the top to pick a different date range, by default it's the last 7 days. Great place to scan for greens and reds (green figures mean an improvement on the previous 7 days, red means the opposite).

Beneath the overview graphs you will see a summary of any Facebook ads you've been running.

Below there you will see your 5 most recent posts and a snapshot of their reach and engagement. Click on the post title to review the detailed breakdown of the post performance. You're paying attention here to how many minutes watched and average watch time (if a video), how many likes, shares and comments and post clicks (if a post with a link).  You can also extend this to see all of your posts by clicking on "see all posts" at the bottom.

Right at the very bottom you will see a summary of what your "pages to watch" have been up to over the last 7 days too, including the % of new likes they've received, how many posts they've made and their engagement (total number of reactions, comments & shares).

Great way to keep up to date and see what's working with your peers and competitors. Just click on any of their names to be presented with their most recent posts in order of engagement (top one being the most).

TIP - for my fellow number cruncher, if you want to dig deep on any of these stats in insights, you can export into a spreadsheet and add formulas and averages to your little nerdy heart's content (by the way, if this is you, we should be drinking buddies).

Want to know where your likes have come from?

Hit up your "like" tab on the left menu bar.

This has 3 sections;

  • Your total page likes as of today including a snazzy line graph
  • Your net likes, which is an insight into your daily growth taking into account dislikes and new likes
  • Where your page likes have happened

In the graph above you can see the key at the top detailing where the likes have come from. You can also filter to just see each section solo by clicking on them under the "benchmark" section to the right.

TIP - you can change the date range at the top and you can also drag and drop to see a detailed snapshot. If you do this on your net likes you can see where people have liked and unliked you from (the source of the action)

Would you like to know what effects your reach?

Click on the reach tab on the left and let's dig in.

This tab is split into the following sections;

  • Post reach
  • Reactions, comments & shares
  • Reactions
  • Hide, report as spam & unlikes
  • Total reach

Post reach

This orange tactic line graph will show you how many people you've reached over the last 28 days as standard (again can change the date range at the top)

Reactions, Comments & shares

All of the above is what Facebook classes as "engagement". So the higher the engagement the higher reach. Click on any of the sections to the right and again it will filter the results and give you an average against the last period (to quickly see if there is improvement)


This will break down for you the emojis - good to see how many likes or ha-has you're getting (and check that you have no sad or angry reactions!)

Hide, report as spam and unlikes

Useful to gauge whether your fans are wanting to see your content. How many "hide all posts" did you receive last month? Eek!

Total reach

The number of people who saw any activity from your page - great to monitor to see that your overall reach is improving as you strategise your Facebook posts (with my help of course!)

TIP - if you see any spikes in the graphs, click and drag to get detail on that section to see which post or posts it relates to. Facebook will show you the active posts during that section in decreasing impression order (so the highest first)

There you have it! Happy insights searching!

- Jackie xoxo