Connect your Etsy site to your Facebook page in under 5 mins

It's super super simple to connect your Etsy page to your Facebook business page. You can add it to the side bar of your page and it will copy your branding and products so people could purchase directly from Facebook via Etsy.

Why duplicate the work? Facebook stores are great but if you've already spent time and energy making an Etsy page - just use that my friend! I'm all for shortcuts - that's my second favourite "s" word.....;-)

What's the first? Oh you filthy minded person.....Savignon Blanc is my first obviously! 


Here is a step by step guide to walk you through each step. Let's do this!

(tip - use desktop not mobile)

 1. You need to use a third party app (which is free) to connect Etsy and Facebook. Shopial does exactly that, so go to this link and click on start now.

2. Choose which Facebook biz page you'd like to attach your shop tab to. 

3. Click on the Etsy button

4. Add your Etsy login details

5. Your tab has been uploaded. Head to your home page and you will see it there.

If you want to rename or reorder your tabs, head into settings, then edit page. drag and drop the order and change the default name of "shop" to "Etsy shop" or "Etsy store" by editing the settings in the shop tab. 

Congrats - You're done! 

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