Post & run - the Facebook tactic that never works

When I was in Las Vegas for my honeymoon back in 2012 I witnessed something which I'm reminded of daily on Facebook.

How fruitless it is to just promote without connection.

Also how rude and obnoxious it is.

So for those who haven't been to Vegas, picture this.

You're walking down the strip after lunch, casually strolling and enjoying the arid dry heat and the people watching and then a random person thrusts their business card or leaflet right into your hand, making zero eye contact.

No "hello", no "excuse me" no "you might like this", not even a smile.... nothing.

Just take this and do something with it.

You step forward another 5 foot and you see the floor littered with these flyers and business cards where people have given them a cursory glance and then just thrown them on the floor.

The owner of that business may have had a better return taking the money he's spent printing the flyers and paying the chap to hand them out and sticking it all on 32 on the roulette table. 

And this tactic is taking place on Facebook. All. The. Time.

And it has to stop!

Stop joining groups with the sole purpose of posting sales posts and not making connections or contributing.

Stop having a Facebook page purely for the purpose to funnel people to your Etsy page, instead use it as a platform to show your personality and talents to your dream customers.

Stop making your Facebook page all about you and focusing on what you can get OUT of Facebook and instead think about what you can contribute to put INTO Facebook.

So if you are someone who applies these tactics, as a kind of spray and pray approach I'd like you to reconsider and rethink your strategy.

Successful businesses use social media to build their brand, their connection, their voice, to showcase their talents, their uniqueness and ultimately to ALWAYS give before they take.

Applying the Vegas style flyer tactic will on Facebook in 2017 will always result in social media "not working" for you.

Want to help? Share this post far and wide and educate those who may be using this approach, not knowing how damaging it is for their business. 

- Jackie