Facebook cover videos - are you ready?

Hi creative one.

I hinted at this a while back on my FB business page that Facebook is rolling out videos instead of static images for biz page covers.

So, you know that image at the top of your FB biz page - that can be a video. Yep - I know! I LOVE it too!

Couple of things you need to know about this

  • It's being rolled out currently so you may not have it yet, but keep checking
  • How will you know? Go to your FB biz page and click on "change cover" and if you have the option "choose from video" or "upload image/video" you've got it
  • Video only plays in desktop so make sure that the first image you use is good enough to be your static image for people who view your page on mobile (this may be changing, the videos may play in mobile in the future)

I made mine (which you can see here) in under 30 mins using Canva and my inbuilt movie maker on my laptop.

Here is exactly how I did it with some tips for how to make yours - enjoy!

Also here is the link to take you directly to the Faecbook cover photo template on Canva. 


p.s I mention the "bigger group" in the video which is the Craft my Success FB group - if you're not there already - join us!