How to make a Facebook post with a "send message" button

I LOVE this feature...and I happened upon this by chance, as I think it's been around for a while but not used that much, and had to share it with you all.

You can now create Facebook posts with "send message", "call now" and "sign up" buttons at the bottom for FREE on Facebook.

This used to be available only in paid for ads so this is BIG news my crafty one.

They look like this one below....neat, huh?

You can also create posts that ask people to "call now" or "sign up" without having to click away from the post, and as we all know, the easier we make it for people the more likely they are to action it.

Here's how you do it

  • Open Facebook on desktop (won't work on mobile or tablet)
  • Go to create a new post 
  • Get sign ups will create a post with a sign up button which links to wherever your sign up button at the top of your page clicks through to
  • Get messages will show like the image above - a "send message" icon
  • Get phone calls will show a "call now" button

None of these posts are paid for and all the text is editable (it will auto populate with standard info so for example, when I tried "sign up" it pulled the name of the list from mailchimp which is connected).

Just double click and edit all the text and write your post as you would do normally.

Three ideas for how to use them

  • "First 10 people to send a message with the word "Father's Day" will be sent a unique offer code for 10% off for 10 days."
  • "Sign up below in one click to be kept in the loop with all my new product releases I only offer my exclusive list"
  • "Personalised gifts are standard here at Jackie's Craft House. I understand that colours need to match the nursery decor so hit me a message below to chat more about how I can help you create a totally bespoke design for you"

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