The most powerful emotion you can leverage for sales

Do you have a Pinterest account? You do? can you raise your hand if you have boards about

home decor ideas

clothing/fashion/hairstyles/jewellery/make up/nail polish


holiday destinations


All of the above?

What do all of these boards have in common?

They are aspirational and inspirational

And this is the one single emotion that every craft and art business can use to increase sales.

Think of Mark Wahlberg advertising Calvin Kleins (I mean how many real men had that body, but I bet they bought them hoping it would happen!?) or Walt Disney using the tag line "where dreams come true" (now tell me you don't want to take your kids to Disneyworld). 

By using pulling on the emotion of what we dream to be or be like, you can instantly elicit a desire in your product or service.

How to be more aspirational & inspirational with your business on social media

  • Use images that show your products in dreamy scenarios.

Example- you sew nursery cushions, place them in a beautifully crisp white cot, with a luxurious soft blanket, next to a super cute teddy (not the scrappy one you dig out of the bottom of the wardrobe)

  • Create posts on your social media that are inspiring for your ideal customer. 

Example - your ideal customer enjoys cooking - show them recipes for delicious healthy brownies with gooey photographs that leave people licking their lips in anticipation

  • Use powerful & dreamy words that describe your products

Example - instead of saying "handcrafted earrings made from sterling silver and pearls" say "each pair of earrings have been delicately handcrafted for you, using the finest silver and beautifully unique freshwater pearls from Scotland resulting in a jaw dropping accessory to your next dinner date"

  • Use music on videos

Example - use a classical piece to give your next timelapse more authority and elegance

  • Post mood board/theme/collection images

Example - use other people's products (with their consent obviously) to build a picture of how your products align with them (piggy back off their aspirational feel)

  • Showcase your luxury gift wrapping

Example - show your product being unboxed in a timelapse/slow mo video. This is especially important for people who buy your products as gifts for others.



Remember, you are selling the lifestyle that your dream customer aspires to have and showing that your products are one step towards that.

Love & creative smooches,