FREE online tools I couldn't live without

I like things that make me look better than I actually am. Or that hide the bad and only show the good. 

Like spanx and a push up bra.

And red lippy to divert attention from my grey roots.

And instagram filters.

But there are a few things I love even MORE and they are apps which make managing my online business easy.

Here I've listed my favourite FREE online resources which I simply cannot live without - and confession - you're now realising I'm not a natural graphic designer or photographer.

Stock photos

Used for my blog images and Facebook, they are all royalty free and zero cost. 


Creative market

Beautiful fonts, website themes, vector images and more and each week 6 of them are FREE.





I still can't believe that this is free for under 2,000 email addresses and you now get automation too. Email marketing is BIG and this is so simple to use, even a chimp could do it. Interested to learn more about email marketing? Stay tuned as I have something in the pipeline. 


You knew it was coming right? I'm a HUGE fan of this resource. It's simple, makes my social media visuals look amazeballs, and it's so quick to use. I use it for PDFs, JPEGs, promotional flyers and I've even designed business cards in here. 


Buffer / Hootsuite

If you run multiple social media channels then you know what a headache it is updating them all in their native platform. Buffer or Hootsuite will allow you to manage your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from one place so you can cross post easily and tweak for each platform. Phew! 

Google analytics

If you have your own website, you MUST have a google analytics login. It will show you how many visits you've had each day/week/month/year, what your bounce rate is (who jumps off from your hompage), what pages are visited, what's clicked, how many are new and returning visitors and so much more. Worth spending the time to learn more about this tool as it's huge. 


When I'm painting a mural I can be 6 inches from a wall for several hours straight. I used to listen to music but I'd find myself stopping to skip a track or change the album and it got on my nerves. I then started to listen to podcasts after a recommendation and I was HOOKED. I rotate between business / entrepreneur / social media based podcasts to documentary / crime podcasts, depending on the mood I'm in. But, people have often wondered how I know all I know with two businesses, a young family, husband and my Netflix addiction - this is how. If you have an iphone you can search for podcasts using the podcast app, if you're on android you can use several on this list here

Love and creative smooches

- Jackie

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