3 tips for your next Facebook giveaway or competition

Giveaways or competitions on social media are a great way to get infront of new potential customers. 

However, sometimes even though you try your best, they can still fall flat?

Why is that? How can you ensure that for your next giveaway or competition you have outstanding results?

Here are 3 tips to consider.

But...before we get started let's get the legalities out of the way regarding promoting a giveaway on social media, specifically Facebook.

Facebook changes their content rules and guidelines periodically, so be sure to check out their page guidelines before running any contest.  As of the writing of this post, promotions that are currently prohibited include:

  • Asking fans to tag themselves as part of the contest
  • Asking fans to tag their friends
  • Asking fans to share the contest on their timeline in order to enter
  • Asking fans to like your page as a requirement of the contest (known as “like gating”)

Additionally, all contests, even the social ones, should have stated rules and specifically, they should always share how they are drawing the winner.

So, now you've got your ass covered, let's talk about 3 proven tips for your next giveaway.

1. What is your goal?

You can run a giveaway with different end goals, for example is it to grow your email list or likes or promote a new product or range? Keep it simple and have one goal in mind - saying your end goal is more sales is too generalistic. What is the quickest way for you to get more sales? Email addresses or likes?  What is the 

(by the way, I have a course all about Email Marketing basics which you can read more about here)

2. Consider the best contest type

I have read that stating "like and comment below" is caught up in the Facebook algo and limits reach. However, there is no viable proof of this (as the algo rules are ever elusive) so my advice would be to run one with the wording and one without (at separate times).

4 contest type ideas below

  • Simple "like and/or comment" as mentioned above (not share)
  • Best caption wins  (post a funny photo and ask for comedy captions)
  • Fill in the blank competition (great for asking questions like "All I want this Mother's Day is _________"
  • Multiple choice question (just like a pub quiz - make it fun!)

TIP - make sure you check the latest guidelines for running competitions on Facebook by clicking here.

3. Pick an amazeballs prize

I'm all for going hard or going home. So in the spirit of a giveaway - make it PHENOMENAL to get more entrants!

Running a competition for one free item may not be titillating enough.

Worried you'll give too much away without any return? How will you know unless you try? Is it worth the gamble of a potential loss just once? You could gain hundreds of new followers or email addresses from a simple 48 hour competition and just think how long that may have taken you to do otherwise - sometimes the payoff is worth the risk. (Do a quick sum in your head to work out your time x hourly rate to work out if you're quids in)

Another suggestion is to bundle your items together or work with another handmaker to join products together so you spread the risk. They'll obviously promote too and if you're collecting email addresses you can both have them. 

Make the prize shockingly good and make sure it's super clear in the copy of the competition just how amazing this competition is with "These items retail at over £100" or "This product is a complete limited edition - never to be produced again".

Best of luck with your next competition!

- Jackie xoxo