[video] Watch me review two crafter's Facebook pages

This week, in my Facebook group, I asked if there were any crafters or artists who would like a helpful and honest review of their Facebook biz page.

This post proved very popular and I quickly ran out of time to review everyone's pages. 

So, me being the overachiever I am, I thought "how can I provide more help? Is there a way for me to show my thought process when reviewing a FB biz page which could help more?"

Hence this video was born!

Thank you to Ashley and Nikki who volunteered their pages to be the guinea pigs.

I urge all of you to watch this as the ingredients of a exciting and irresistible Facebook page is not specific to each craft. There are fundamentals and commonalities that are needed, no matter what your service or product offering.

Your page is NOT there to only sell, your Facebook page isn't the same as your Etsy storefront. 

Your Facebook biz page is to showcase your brand, your voice, your personality, you and your why, your talent, your authority, your vision & dreams. It's the full shebang! 

Feel like you're posting and praying?

Praying that it will result in a sale?

Are you guilty of only posting sales posts and thinking that's enough?

Let me tell you a secret, social media is....well...social! So your fans want to learn more about you, maker! It's not a sales platform so stop treating it like Etsy.

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