Hot off the press - new Facebook algorithm updates

Hot off the press - new Facebook tips straight from the algorithm's mouth (if it had one, maybe it does?!)

This morning I listened to a podcast with Michael Stelzner, the man behind who has his fingers on the pulse to what is working on social media and owner of "Social Media Examiner" and I have 3 updates for you all.

Good news - no longer do we have to worry about the best time to post content.

This is because Facebook's algorithm will show relevant and quality content at any time, irregardless of the time it was posted. Facebook believes that it is important to show in the newsfeed popular content hours and in some cases days after it has been posted.

This is great news as whilst I do believe it's still important to post at key times, it's no longer a huge concern that it was previously. As long as your posts are relevant to your audience and in turn they will like, share or comment on them, they will show in the newsfeed. If you want some tips on how to post relevant content for your creative business you can read this blog post here.

Longer videos are now the preference for newsfeed

Facebook just announced earlier this week that they are now making a preference for longer videos in the newsfeed (as long as the videos are native to Facebook obviously). This is simply a tactic to keep people on Facebook longer and for us it's good news. No longer do we have to feel restricted by length as long as, sorry to sound like a broken record, the content is of a high quality. Longer videos without a purpose or full of useless waffling will not work! 

Ideas for longer videos for your creative business

  • your why, why you create your products and what the bigger picture means to you (leaving the day job? Supporting your young family? Working through illness? Focus for your retirement?)
  • your workspace, your tools, how you make your magic happen
  • how you collate quality materials and maybe why that's important
  • timelapse of making
  • new product launches - tell a story around them

Look at your bigger competitors for inspiration or other small businesses such as restaurants, clothing shops, coaches for more inspiration.

Don't ask for a share - penalty points coming your way!

And finally, something you need to make sure you're not "ask for a share". Facebook's algorithm is now penalising posts where the words "please share" or "share with friends" are included.

Why? Because it's seen as clickbaity (an internet term for those spammy posts like "hey, I was amazed and then I saw this!" or "you're not going to believe what happens next" posts where the whole purpose if for you to click on the link). Facebook wants to ensure if something is shared it is for genuine reasons so omit that tactic from your vocabulary, sadly it no longer works.

Hope these latest tips have helped you today and would love to hear about any great exposure you've had recently with a Facebook post over in the group

- Jackie xoxo