How to be "valuable" and "relevant" with your Facebook fans to get seen.

Following on from my previous post here, where I dissected several Facebook myths, a crafter mentioned on my Facebook page.... 

Great question Alice! 

How do you write posts about your hand knitted kid’s cardigans that provides value?

How can your hand dyed scarfs be deemed relevant enough for Facebook?

How do you take your creative craft and talents and talk about them in a way that ticks Facebook’s “show this in the newsfeed” box?

I don’t know about you, but I find there is an abundance for help with content ideas for people providing a service, like business coaches or consultants, but help for those who are selling a physical product is lacking. 

So as your regular Fairy Facebook Godmother, I'm going to put that right! 

Below are examples where I take product based businesses and apply my content strategies to bring it all to life and be relevant to you (see what I did there?)

Content idea 1 - “keeping up with the Joneses”

If we’re all really really honest with ourselves we are all wanting to be better than other people. Better than our sister, friend, mother, co-worker, ex husband, woman at the gym with the rock hard abs….go on, indulge me and admit it.

It’s human nature to compare and to desire to be better than we are. To have fantasies about how our lives would be different if we lived on that street or had that job or earnt that kind of money. The allure of prestige is a huge psychological hook.

So how can you use this for your business?

Depending on your target customer, you could highlight that your items are luxurious, unique, one of a kind, exclusive, something their friends won’t have, it’s a jealousy creator, you’ll be asked where you got it from 10 times a day, you’ll be remembered as the most thoughtful present giving friend at the baby shower, your wedding invitations will go down in history as one all your relatives will be talking about for months after…..see what I mean?

You can also flip it and suggest that if they bought your product they would avoid feeling unworthy (opposite of feeling better than everyone else)

An example would be something like

"Don’t be embarrassed when your snobby mother in law visits your new home to find everything is high street and explore our range of exclusive one off acrylic canvases”
“Have a school reunion coming up? Want to rock a handmade dress that will stop you feeling like the dweeby nerdy 14 year old girl you once were and instead feel a fabulous modern sassy woman who is wearing an exclusive dress to the party?"

Content idea 2 - Compare and contrast

I have used this one in the past, to quite some success.

As you may know, I’m a mural artist, and my biggest competition is wall stickers.

These stickers can be cheap, run of the mill, “pull the plaster away” wall stickers.

So without sounding too derogatory or negative (as quite frankly some of my Facebook fans might not be able to afford my services and go for a sticker instead and I don’t want to create bad vibes with them as their sister/friend/boss may be able to afford it) I call out the obvious comparison that is happening in their head.

An example might be

"So you’re thinking of updating your kid’s bedroom and you’ve found me, and you’ve found some stickers that are a quarter of the price. You’ve got options - hooray! Stickers are a great simple and quick way to update any room and from my experience, top tips would be to pay the extra for decent adhesive so when you come to change the room in a couple of years, you don’t need to hire a plasterer! By comparison when I paint my murals I use standard emulsion paint which is sanded in minutes and painted over leaving no residue."

Your customer will undoubtedly be comparing you to something else they’ve seen. It could be price, colour, size, popularity, availability, quality, ease of purchase… need to work out what will most apply to your business.

Other examples could be

"My wedding invitation card packs are going to be more expensive than the Clinton Cards versions. And I know costs are a huge consideration for my brides. But I’d like to explain a couple of distinctions between my service and the shop bought standard cards. I make a couple of promises to all of my brides…...that their invitations will be 100% personalised to them, their vision, colour scheme and themes. They will be delivered in beautiful packaging with embossed envelopes & we will be able to use the template for further designs such as name cards and table settings. Plus I can guarantee I will enjoy talking “wedding shop” with you even more than your maid of honour"

Content idea 3 - give give and give some more

What could you offer your customer that would

  • Highlight you as an expert in your field?
  • Go above and beyond and provide amazing service for free
  • Build trust
  • Solve a problem or a concern they might be having?

Let’s take an example that you are a baby clothes designer.

You make super cute baby grows with animal prints and bold colours. Customers can see from your beautifully photographed products all the gorgeousness of your makes….but what they can’t see is how SOFT your fabric is, or how you spend time making sure there aren’t rough edges for little baby skin or how quality the fabric is to sustain high temp washes.

So how could you solve this and create a post where you offer this value?

Idea # 1 - You could create a 10cm x 10cm sample with a seam down one side which you can post out to 20 potential customers a month so they can experience it?

Idea # 2 - You could you make a video showing the level of detail you’ve gone into and the time it takes to check that your baby grows are of the utmost standard?

Idea # 3 - You could make a baby grow and show the quality after it has been washed on a 60 degree cycle with a video or a testimonial from one of your customers about this very subject.

Other examples that spring to mind…

You make scented candles or scented lip balms…..what about if you had a range of sample cards made with quality paper, with the scent sprayed on them which you could post out to people so they could sniff before they buy?

Your post could read

"Yet another scented sample envelope out in the post today. I love giving my customers the opportunity to smell my products before they buy - the current favourite scent for November is “lavender” - drop me a message today to grab your free scented sample envelope"

In summary

Rule #1 for selling (and getting seen) on Facebook.

Your job, as creator of all things crafty and holy is to not sell a product but to sell the outcome of owning the product. A feeling. A story. To talk about the features rather than the benefits.

There is tonnes of research out there which proves people buy based upon emotion rather than logic.

Even neuroscience proves that theory.  

You can use this for all of your content fodder proving yourself to be valuable and relevant to your target customer.

Trust me that by picking a couple of these triggers, the ones that speak most to your audience you will be providing them delicious content - content they will want to continue to consume over and over again.

Want to run your new and improved Facebook post by me and a community of fellow crafters? Post it up in our Facebook group, no judgement, just support. 

- Jackie XOXO