Facebook myths debunked - learn why Facebook is NOT out to jepordise you, crafter.

Do you believe any of these statements?

  • Facebook wants me to pay to advertise, it penalises my page so it forces me into this option
  • Facebook’s algorithm stops my updates being shown in the news feed / stops my fans seeing my posts / is slowly killing my business
  • Facebook has removed likes from my page
  • Facebook is forcing me to boost posts to get engagement by stopping people engage organically
  • Paying for adverts is a waste of time, I’ve boosted a couple of times and seen zero benefits – it’s all a sham.

As I write those, I can feel the paranoia rising up in me.

Suddenly, I’m Jack Bauer and Facebook is a dark and shady Middle Eastern gang who are trying to secretly jepordise me at every single post.

“Har har! She’s posting again – let’s get her where it hurts – in the engagement crotch! Pew pew pew – ha ha that post is DEAD and no one will ever see it ever again – mwah haa haaa!”

Did I also say these Middle Eastern gangs based themselves on cliched witches?

Anyway, for the record, I do not believe in any of the above statements.

I actually believe in the opposite.

I believe that Facebook has some very very smart workings behind the scenes that are helping businesses grow.

If it’s not working for you, then you’re not understanding the rules of play.

Simply put – Facebook will prioritise……based upon how VALUABLE and RELEVANT the posts are to their audience.

Not by how much you pay for ads.

Not by how many likes you have.

Not by crossing a weird Middle Eastern witch's palm with gold.

Facebook doesn’t want to shoot the hardworking solo entrepreneur because it’s this big unsympathetic corporate monster.

If you believe this, you’re looking at this from the wrong angle because Facebook cares more about users than businesses.

After all, there are significantly more users than businesses on Facebook, so it makes sense for their focus to be on enticing them back to play in the same playground and to hang around longer each time.

The quickest way to alienate and p*ss off your users is to show them spammy irrelevant content or spammy sales posts.

Imagine if every time you went on Facebook you saw ads or highlighted posts which talked about vasectomies or hair loss? You’d be put off!

Bear this in mind next time you’re feeling hard done by on Facebook. Ask yourself

  • Am I truly providing content that is valuable to my viewers or is it just another sales post with a photo?
  • What would my viewers want to read about / care about / know about?
  • How can I jump on any trending bandwagons (tip – check out trending content on the top left of your facebook home page for what’s trending right now
  • How can I learn more about getting the most out of Facebook for my business?

READ MORE on how to be "valuable" and "relevant" with your Facebook posts in this follow up blog post.

Make your Facebook biz page rock!