Are you a creative business owner?

So am I.

Have you ever wished it was easier to get sales through Facebook?

So have I.

And with a tonne of time, research and trial and error I have found a way for my creative business to flourish on Facebook.

100% of my customers are sourced through Facebook. 100%.

There are 1.57 BILLION people who use Facebook, your target customers are there, ready and waiting with their purses ready to purchase.

You just need to know the tools to get in front of them and that’s where I come in.

I help the pull-your-hair-out-frustrated and deer-in-the-headlights-confused crafter create a path on Facebook for success.

Are you working on your creative business alongside families or jobs (or both like me)?

So you're short on time, right? 

I’ve found shortcuts. 

Just a few hours a week focussing on my Facebook game has made HUGE impacts to my bottom line.

But who am I?

I’m Jackie, a mum of one superhero mad boy, extroverted wife to an introverted husband in the UK.

Since 2012 after my son was born, I became OBSESSED with running my own creative business. 

I wanted to use my creativity to bring in the £££ and I believed that succeeding wasn't to do with my talent, but how much I understood about online business and marketing. 

Since late 2015 and starting with zero clients and experience, I have created a successful kid's mural business which in only 6 months had a 12 week waiting list. 

I have spent over £5k on my development, attended countless seminars and workshops and webinars on how to build a brand and source business through social media.

I believe my success isn't just because I'm a dab hand at the emulsion, but because I was strategic with my business, using techniques and tools I'd learnt during my "online business education" to carve out a niche and own the Facebook game.

Today, my main source of income is my creative business.

And I would love to share with you everything I have learnt so you too can create a business that you love, on your terms and one that brings in the bacon!


Steal my Facebook content which saw one of my posts reach 13k people and generate over £1k of business. That's right - from just one (strategically) well thought out post. 

Love and creative smooches,