Are you working on your craft or art business alongside children and a day job?

Do you find yourself waking up every Monday morning wishing you could stay at home, be your own boss and work on your side business all day?

Would you love to show your husband / mother in law / friends that you're making a success of your "hobby"?

This is my mission for all of you mums out there, working on the side hustle around nap times and evenings, day dreaming at the desk job - I see you. I am you. And I can help you.

I help the pull-your-hair-out-frustrated and deer-in-the-headlights-confused crafter create a path on Facebook for success.

But who am I?

I’m Jackie, a mum, mural artist and Facebook coach for crafters.

I talk a lot about Netflix, I don't beat around anyone's bush, and I dig Facebook marketing tactics far too much for a normal person. 

But this wasn't always the case.


I used to be a Business Analyst, working part time around family commitments, always feeling fed up, bored and uninspired by the corporate life I'd found myself in.

After my son was born in 2012, I desperately didn't want to return to the desk job so I made it my mission to carve a new path for myself.

One that would excite me every single day. Where I used my talents to earn money. And so...I made it happen and within 3 months of launching my kid's bedroom mural business, I had a 12 week waiting list. 

How? From Facebook.

100% of my leads come from Facebook, and I now mural and coach full time. 

I believe it's never your talent that's holding you back from crafting full time, but your marketing know how.

And that's where I come in. I'm happy to have you here.