Facebook is the biggest social media platform, and if you're NOT using it to grow your handmade or art business, believing that the algorithm means organic reach is impossible, you're missing a huge trick.

Let's me show you

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Feeling like everything you post on Facebook gets tumbleweeds?  

Is your reach and engagement suffering from the latest algorithm changes? 

Wonder if Facebook is really worth it anymore?

Are you guilty of using old tactics and methods which no longer work on Facebook in 2018?

Did you know there are just 3 things we ALL need to be doing on our Facebook pages to get seen organically?

3 very simple things, that each and every one of us can start today and see results tomorrow. Ready to learn what they are?

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"My Facebook page has organically doubled in likes, reach and post engagement in just 28 days from following your advice" - Rosemary

"I've had my first 5k month from Facebook sales and understanding how to target the right people with your help - I could get used to this!!" - Anita


Hey, I'm Jackie

I'm a nerd when it comes to Facebook, eat up marketing and psychological online tactics like a chocolate chip muffin (with tea) and I'm passionate about helping talented makers & artists get more sales online.

If you have a talent, would love to make more moolah from it, but feel unsure how to use Facebook to do that, you're in the right place.

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